1. LOVE this post! I’m halfway through with college but this is still all such great, relevant advice.

    xoxo, Cecilia // sunnysidececilia.com

    • Liz

      Aww thanks so much Cecilia! That makes me so happy to hear you found this helpful and encouraging. This is exactly why I wrote this post!

  2. I’m not graduating this year but I’ve been feeling scared to leave college eventually! It’s certainly overwhelming. It’s nice to know you felt the same way!

    • Liz

      Hi Catherine! I’m so happy you found this encouraging! Enjoy the time you have left in college, but also get excited about all the amazing experiences and relationships that await you in the “real world.” And don’t stress about having everything figured out either, because it’s totally okay if you don’t!

  3. JoAnn

    This is great advice for college grads, but also just for everyone. Lots of good reminders about not comparing ourself to others and not stressing so much about not being exactly where we want to be/thought we would be. That all just takes time away from doing things to move forward anyway. It feels like a big hug.

    • Liz

      Thanks so much JoAnn! Glad you found some encouragement as well! Someone else who is not a new college grad said the part about not comparing really spoke to her too.

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